TINY RADIOS INFLITRATE NORTH KOREAThe Western weapon most feared by the North Korean government may be a disposable radio the size of a cigarette pack, reports the New York Times.In January, Radio Free Asia and Voice of America both doubled their hours of Korean-language broadcasting into North Korea. But in a country where all citizens are required to register their radios with the local police, few North Koreans can listen to the broadcasts.So now, a collection of human rights and Christian groups have started smuggling transistor radios into the Stalinist state, so North Koreans can begin to hear the American messages. The radio also gives practical information for defectors, the Times notes, like how to contact missionary groups in northern China, how to dress and behave to escape arrest and deportation to North Korea.In Vietnam, the U.S. military airdropped thousands of small radios, so the local population could tune into the American take on the news.

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