NUKE LAB FIRES BACKLos Alamos National Laboratory officials have had a variety of responses to my story yesterday in Wired News about sneaking into the lab.Before the story came out, they said that TA-33 was an secret, secure area; no way could an intruder walk in, they asserted.After the story broke, these officials then told reporters that TA-33 isn't all that important, on the whole. There's just a tiny area that's secure, and there's no way I could have gotten into that. But the description they gave of this secure area sounds a whole lot like to one I was in.Lastly, they asserted that the fences I walked around and over didn't even belong to the lab. According to Congressional Quarterly, "the barbed wire Schachtman (sic) reported climbing over, (a lab spokesman) added, was erected years ago by the residents of a neighboring pueblo to keep livestock from wandering onto the government's land."But if the neighbors put up the fences, what were all those Department of Energy signs doing on them?

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