The Most Read Stories This Week on 2/9/18

An Oshkosh Defense mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle All-Terrain Vehicle (MAT-V) bumps across ruts in the off-road portion of the master driver training course at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan on Nov. 8, 2017. Spc. Elizabeth White/Army | By

'Myths' Seen Distorting Military’s Image With Nation’s Youth

Military Update: Seventeen years of war, TV spots depicting the struggles of wounded warriors, and curbs on military advertising budgets have left the armed forces with an image problem that could take years to repair, said a senior defense official.

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Air Force Chooses AT-6, A-29 for Secondary Light Attack Experiment

The Air Force has selected two aircraft in its "light attack experiment" to undergo more demonstration fly-offs, among other exercises, at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona.

By Oriana Pawlyk | Read more


Marine Corps Osprey Squadron Commander in Pacific Fired

The commanding officer of an Okinawa-based MV-22 Osprey squadron has been relieved of command due to loss of trust in his ability to command, the Marine Corps said this week.

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