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Edward Lin, a Navy lieutenant at the time, shared his personal stories at a naturalization ceremony in 2008. (US Navy photo)

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

Naval Officer's Career Derailed by Arrogance, Recklessness

  • "Immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan in 1994 and who joined the Navy in 1999." What on earth are we doing commissioning officers and giving security clearances to such recent foreign immigrants? I smell a rush for "diversity" here. -- Deplorable
  • Two of the very brave and decorated officers in Lt. Col. Hal Moore's Battalion and mentioned in "We Were Soldiers Once, And Young" were recent immigrants to the U.S. One was British or Irish and the other was a Ukrainian, I think. -- gunbunny476

Iranian Drones Now Regular Nuisance for Carrier in Persian Gulf

  • Dang those Iranians, putting their country so close to our ships. -- chrismalllory
  • Dang those Iranians, blocking and harassing legal passage in international waters. -- 33927781

Army Names First Unit to Receive Service's New Pistol

  • OK it's done. That is a good pistol, an adequate round and it should do the jobs … let's move on. -- Zebra Dun
  • I wonder how many times the 9mm or any side arm was actually used in combat since 2001? How many kills and/or wounded against the enemy -- not to include negligent discharges or the chow line pop barrel lieutenants were famous for. -- A. Crusader

New Carrier Landing Tech Wows Pilots on First Deployment

  • I'm for anything that helps keep them safe and pulls the stress off our fine pilots -- liberaldisgust

Former Soldier Accused of Fatally Shooting Service Dog Found Dead

  • She should have done it sooner. No sympathy for her from me. Her loser boyfriend needs to do the same. -- 2369368
  • The boyfriend is a "special operations OFFICER?" Reflects pretty poorly on himself, special ops, the officer corps, and the Army in general. -- Jerry