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An F-35A from the 58th Fighter Squadron is loaded with weapons in its internal weapons bays and on external pylons July 20, 2016, at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (Photo by Stormy Archer/U.S. Air Force)

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

General: Older Fighters Can't Match F-35

"Stealth Technology will not last forever. Some form of radar-like application will be developed and stealth will be useless. For example, don't look for the plane; look for its wake in the disturbed air behind it." -- Hound-Dog

"Simulated dogfighting, not real combat. After 15 years, why isn't it capable enough to deploy? I don't see a combat plane, it's still a test plane." -- MiG29

Navy Destroyer Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels

"Iranian boats should not get any closer than one mile from any U.S. ship. Stop with the ... flares and use real ammo like a 5-inch shell!" -- Vietvet1968

"This sort of thing was happening 30 years ago." -- 33604588

Report on Election Hacking Says Russia Plans to Do More

"Have to say that in any other democracy a report by its intelligence community that its elections had been interfered with by Russia would result in utter outrage -- and frankly -- the ordering of new elections. To see it instead treated as a purely political issue and one that is meekly accepted is disturbing." -- mariandavid

"1. There is virtually always a foreign influence, the US does it all the time as well; 2. There is always foreign influence on both sides, see how much foreign donations Clinton has; 3. If both sides have foreign influence, and foreign influence gets another election cycle, you never end the cycle." -- Dealer08

After Airport Shooting, Carter Says PTSD Plagues Many Vets

"Great. Now we have the secretary of defense furthering the myth that [post-traumatic stress disorder] causes loose cannons. Veterans with PTSD suffer enough without the added discrimination of people thinking they are always on the verge of snapping and shooting everyone in their path. This attitude means lost jobs, lower wages and in some cases homelessness. It also ignores that PTSD is not a combat condition: The largest group of people with PTSD is sexual assault victims. This is a shameful thing to say and adds to the tragedy." -- Tim Marquart

"I'm a retired Air Force intelligence officer with graduate education in psychology from Harvard. PTSD doesn't cause someone to commit mass murder. This guy had symptoms of psychosis, including auditory hallucinations and delusions. These psychotic symptoms are NOT symptoms associated with PTSD, they're associated with disorders in the schizophrenic spectrum and severe bipolar disorder." -- 867529

B-52 Loses Engine While Flying Over North Dakota

"About a year ago a B-52 at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, caught fire on the ground. The aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair. Minot AFB, North Dakota, sent one of its aircraft to bring Barksdale up to required level. Minot then had a B-52 in the "Boneyard" at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, (for the last four years) activated and brought to Minot. The aircraft is now flying missions and by the way is '57' years young." -- Michael8521409

"The other interesting part was they 'dispatched a UH-1N Huey helicopter' ... says a whole lot about what our 'Global Strike' capability has become since [Strategic Air Command] was put down." -- Sandhills7

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