Family Continues to Seek Justice in Decade-old Navy Murder

3D rendering of gavel, law scales and books on a wooden table
3D rendering of gavel, law scales and books on a wooden table

In the 10 years that have passed since a 22-year-old Navy sailor was slain, his family's pursuit for justice hasn't wavered, the victim's mother said Wednesday.

Ron Harnish was fatally shot after confronting men who were flashing gang signs in the community of Golden Hill on Dec. 27, 2006. The Navy supply clerk had recently qualified for SEAL training.

"He deserves justice," said his mother, Tracy Wild. "He was so brave and loyal. He was such a good person. Of any person that I've met in the world that deserves justice, it's him."

Wild, who lives in Chico, is in San Diego for the tenth anniversary of her son's death to continue fueling interest in the case. She remains hopeful that someone who knows what happened will be swayed to come forward. A reward of up to $53,000 has been offered for information that leads to an arrest.

"I believe that circumstances change, that people mature and that we reevaluate our relationships," she said. "I see someone who pulls a gun on an unsuspecting person as a coward. Perhaps people who have a relationship to this case have come to see it that way and are more willing to come forward."

Harnish was in a car with other sailors when they stopped to confront the two or three men on 30th Street near C Street about 10 p.m. An argument erupted and Harnish was shot with a rifle. Another sailor was wounded in the arm.

Billboards publicizing the case have been put up twice near the location of the shooting in the hope that someone would come forward with a lead that would kick-start the investigation.

"We're still torn up about this, every day of our lives," Wild said tearfully. "Anybody that comes forward with information about this case would be creating so much peace for our family."

San Diego homicide Lt. Mike Holden said anyone with information should call detectives at (619) 531-2293 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (888) 580-8477.

"Any information, no matter how small, could be very important to us," Holden said.

The governor's office contributed $50,000 to the reward, while Crime Stoppers and family members put up the rest.

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