Soldier Found Guilty of Shooting Husband While Pregnant


The soldier, pregnant and covered in blood, had two things in her pocket when police arrested her.

A picture of her and her husband that she'd torn in half, and a bullet.

Hannah L. Bergee of the 7600 block of Gifford St. was convicted Tuesday of shooting her husband last year.

Bergee pleaded guilty to malicious wounding on Tuesday so prosecutors would drop a gun charge.

She didn't confess to shooting her husband of 1 1/2 years as part of the deal but admitted prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her.

She's to be sentenced in January.

A little before 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 3, 2015, police went to Bergee and Arthur Kharendzyuk's apartment complex, where they found Kharendzyuk with a gunshot wound to his chest, prosecutor Jill Harris said in court documents.

He had fled their apartment, and a neighbor applied pressure to the wound until paramedics could take him to a hospital.

Several neighbors heard gunshots and saw Bergee right after, covered in blood and carrying a gun, Harris said. When a sergeant got to the scene and asked officers where Kharendzyuk was, Bergee said, "He ran away. ... I shot him."

Crime lab techs determined Bergee had gunshot residue on both of her hands, Harris said.

Bergee and Kharendzyuk, both soldiers in the Army, were always fighting about infidelity, one of their neighbors told police. Kharendzyuk told police they fought because he didn't trust her and thought she was having an affair.

A few days before she shot him, Kharendzyuk confronted his wife about a letter from another man, which he thought was evidence that she was cheating.

The day of the shooting, Bergee texted Kharendzyuk to tell him she wouldn't be sleeping at their apartment that night, Kharendzyuk told police. He replied that he wanted her to stay at the apartment because she was pregnant.

Bergee got upset when she received one of her husband's text messages and, according to one of her co-workers, took a photo of the two of them off the wall at work, Harris said in court documents.

Later that day, she asked her superiors if she could go home earlier. She told one of her co-workers that she and Kharendzyuk had their biggest fight ever over the weekend, but it didn't get physical.

The co-worker offered to hold on to her handgun, which she had bought that day, until things cooled off. But things changed. The person the co-worker planned to give it to for safekeeping wasn't home, so he couldn't take it back on base, and he gave Bergee her gun back.

Bergee told him she wanted to divorce Kharendzyuk because "they were completely different people," but she was scared because she was pregnant.

She denied Kharendzyuk ever hurt her, and several of her co-workers said they never noticed injuries that would suggest abuse.

Kharendzyuk took a shower, and when he got out, Bergee had come home, he told detectives. They started arguing. Bergee pulled a gun, which he didn't know she owned, and pointed it at his head while he packed.

Kharendzyuk tried to leave, but Bergee blocked him from the door. She pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed. She fixed it and pulled it again. This time, it fired.

The bullet permanently disabled Kharendzyuk's right arm, forcing him to leave the Army on a medical discharge.

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