New Scoreboard at Navy Stadium Will Be Identical to North Side Model

Naval Academy calss of 2019

Naval Academy athletic director Chet Gladchuk never liked the juxtaposition of the two video scoreboards at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Ever since Navy installed a massive scoreboard in the north end zone in 2006, the one in the opposite end zone dwindled in comparison.

"That smaller board always bugged me," Gladchuk said on Thursday. "It just didn't measure up."

The Naval Academy Athletic Association began fixing that problem this month, installing a state-of-the-art scoreboard in the south end zone. The new scoreboard will have the same dimensions and quality as the scoreboard on the opposite end of the field.

"Having two identical scoreboards marks a step forward in the stature of the stadium and will enhance the fan experience," Gladchuk said.

Both scoreboards, by Daktronics, will measure 25 feet high and 87 feet wide. The new scoreboard will be four times larger than the one it is replacing.

Cost of the new Daktronics video scoreboard is $2.5 million, Gladchuk said.

Part of the reason it took 10 years to install a south end zone scoreboard that matched its north end zone counterpart involved money and other priorities at the stadium.

Manhattan Construction is doing the installation, scheduled to be completed in time for the Navy football home opener Sept. 3.

A large crane for moving heavy materials has been positioned just outside the stadium for several weeks. Big footers were dug into the ground underneath the south side bleachers.

The installation was "a little tricky," Gladchuk said. "There were some minor curveballs, but nothing the engineers couldn't work through."

Having identical video scoreboards will solve a problem the Naval Academy Athletic Association has dealt with ever since the original Daktronics board was installed in 2006.

"Because that smaller scoreboard was one-quarter the size of the other, we had to reconfigure information to fit that format," Gladchuk said. "It will be nice to have some consistency between the two boards."

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