Federal Judge Hears Arguments in F-35 Lawsuit in Vermont


RUTLAND, Vt. — A federal judge has heard arguments in a lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force regarding F-35 fighter jets.

WPTZ-TV reports that the judge heard from lawyers Tuesday in Rutland over whether the Air Force did its job drafting an environmental impact study projecting how the jets would fit in at Burlington International Airport.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs — which includes the city of Winooski — says the analysis glossed over the jets' noise impact on nearby neighborhoods.

The Air Force used the federal Environmental Impact Statement in part to approve basing its newest warplane at the Vermont Air National Guard base. Officials have said they expect Vermont's first F-35 will land there in 2019.

Vermont Guard Maj. Gen. Steven Cray says he felt the Air Force did its job.

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