Army Marking Completion of Fort Detrick Solar Energy Project

Fort Detrick (U.S. Army photo)
Fort Detrick (U.S. Army photo)

FREDERICK, Md. — The Army is celebrating the completion of a solar energy project at Fort Detrick in Frederick that is designed to provide about 12 percent of the post's electricity.

Assistant Secretary of the Army Katherine Hammack is leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday for the 67-acre project.

The Army's Office of Energy Initiatives says in a statement that the electricity comes from nearly 60,000 solar panels capable of producing 15 megawatts, enough to power about 2,700 homes.

The $35 million project is in a largely undeveloped section of the fort called Area B. The 400-acre parcel also includes capped landfills that were used decades ago for disposal of chemical and biological waste.

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