Border-crossing Marine Arrested Again


A U.S. Marine veteran who made international headlines when he drove guns and ammunition into Mexico from San Diego was arrested on a minor drug charge in Indiana Thursday.

Andrew Tahmooressi, 27, was booked into a Dearborn County jail on a charge of possessing less than 30 grams of marijuana.

A local radio station, Eagle Country 99.3FM, reported that a court affidavit said Tahmooressi appeared disoriented at a fairground when police investigated his truck alarm sounding. Officers allege they found a small amount of marijuana in his truck.

The radio station said Tahmooressi pleaded guilty in a Thursday court appearance and was sentenced to one month in jail.

Tahmooressi's 2014 arrest in Tijuana became an international incident as U.S. politicians and media celebrities called for his release. He claimed he never intended to drive across the border from San Diego in his truck loaded with all of his possessions, including three guns and 400 rounds of ammunition.

At the time of his arrest, the Florida resident had started treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in San Diego. The Marine reservist served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and received an honorable discharge in 2012.

He sat in jail for seven months until a Mexican judge ordered dismissal of his case when prosecutors withdrew their accusation, saying Tahmooressi was unfit to stand trial because of his PTSD.

Tahmooressi returned across the border into San Diego, then went home to Florida where family said he would continue to receive PTSD treatment. He was arrested in Georgia last year on charges of reckless DUI.

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