Solar Facility Project at Marine Corps Logistics Base Moving Forward

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany sign (Photo: DoD)
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany sign (Photo: DoD)

MCLB-ALBANY — Groundbreaking is expected this spring on a solar power facility project that Georgia Power will build aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany.

Officials with the base said Monday that the Department of the Navy and Georgia Power, a subsidiary of the Southern Company, had recently signed a real estate outgrant to develop a large-scale solar facility at the base.

Once completed, the facility will be one of the state's largest solar installations with the potential generation capacity of 44 megawatts of direct current (DC) power (31 megawatts of alternating current).

Under the agreement, Georgia Power will build, own, operate and maintain the solar facility at MCLB-Albany, using the facility to generate electricity for the utility's electric grid.

"MCLB-Albany has a strong commitment to energy security," said Col. James C. Carroll III, commanding officer, MCLB-Albany. "Through our recent adoption of cutting-edge technologies, to include landfill gas-to-electric generators and ground source heat pumps, and our current effort to construct a biomass steam-fed electric generator, we are on track to achieve 'net zero' status well ahead of the Secretary of the Navy mandate.

"This project with Georgia Power will add to the base's energy security and diversify the area's power supply, making the grid and all who rely on it more resilient."

MCLB-Albany, commissioned in 1952, provides facilities infrastructure and a range of tailored support services enabling supported commands aboard the installation to accomplish their assigned missions in support of the warfighter.

"As work continues at the Submarine Base Kings Bay project near Savannah, we're excited to move one step closer to starting construction on our second Department of the Navy project at the MCLB-Albany," said Norrie McKenzie, vice president of Renewable Development for Georgia Power. "Our continued partnership with the Navy is helping us grow solar in Georgia while strengthening our state's military bases and stimulating investment in Georgia communities."

Officials said they anticipate the solar facility will be online and producing power by the beginning of 2017.

The facility will be the second solar collaboration between the Navy and Georgia Power and the fifth solar project that the Navy and Southern Company subsidiaries are developing.

In total, the Navy brought more than one gigawatt of renewable energy into procurement in 2015, most of which was developed in the past 18 months under the auspices of the Renewable Energy Program Office.

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