Police: DNA Evidence Ties Air Force Academy Cadet to 2015 Rape


Genetic testing tied an Air Force Academy cadet to a rape in Boulder, where he was jailed Wednesday, Boulder police said Wednesday.

Cadet Jack D. Warmolts, a lacrosse player at the school, was accused of attacking a woman last April.

"The female victim was with a group of Air Force cadets, which included Warmolts, the evening of the alleged attack," Boulder police said in a news release. "DNA evidence collected during the sexual-assault examination matched Warmolts."

Warmolts was a standout high school lacrosse player in Ohio who gained entrance to the academy through its Preparatory School, which allows those who don't meet the academy's strict academic standards a year of tutoring before they become cadets.

"We are cooperating fully with the Boulder Police Department and allowing their judicial process to take its course," the academy said in a statement.

Warmolts was arrested Tuesday at the academy and booked into the Boulder County jail.

A spokeswoman for the Boulder County district attorney said an affidavit in the case was being reviewed for public release Wednesday.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said authorities allege that Warmolts attacked a woman who was physically incapacitated -- described in law as a "helpless victim." That's a charge that can be used when the alleged victim was intoxicated.

Cordingly said the alleged victim in this case was not a cadet.

Warmolts is the second cadet to run afoul of the law in Boulder County in the past year. In October, a Boulder County judge sentenced cadet Daniel Ryerson to six months in jail for the 2014 rape of a classmate. Ryerson was charged with an attack on Halloween, 2014. Prosecutors say he raped the female cadet after a night of drinking at college parties in Boulder.

Meanwhile, a court-martial continued at the academy Wednesday for football player Zachary Chubb.

Zach Chubb was charged with fondling a classmate in 2014 and forcing her to touch his genitalia.

Chubb's defense is expected to put witnesses on the stand starting Thursday morning and the case could wrap up Friday.

The academy said Warmolts remains at the school despite his arrest.

"The Academy will continue to closely monitor the situation and cooperate with Boulder PD while, at the same time, providing support to the cadet during the arrest and investigation process," the school said in a statement.

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