Delay in Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan Changes Little for Fort

An entrance at Fort Carson, Colorado. (Defense Department photo)
An entrance at Fort Carson, Colorado. (Defense Department photo)

A delay in the draw-down of American forces in Afghanistan changes little for Fort Carson soldiers who were headed there anyway.

President Barack Obama on Thursday announced he would leave more troops in Afghanistan, delaying a planned pull-out from the nation that continues to battle Taliban insurgency.

The Army has said elements of the Fort Carson's 4th Combat Aviation Brigade will head to Afghanistan this winter to fly helicopters in support of ongoing American operations.

Soldiers with the post's 2nd Brigade Combat Team are going through pre-deployment training this fall, including planned drills at the National Training Center in California. Several sources have said soldiers from the unit likely will head to Afghanistan early next year, but the Pentagon has not formally announced the deployment.

Exactly how many Fort Carson soldiers will deploy with the units and the dates they'll leave haven't been released.

Those troops will part of the 10,000-strong American military contingent who have remained on the ground in Afghanistan since the U.S. pulled the bulk of its combat forces out at the end of 2014.

Scores of other troops with Pikes Peak region ties are in Afghanistan, including airmen from each of the region's bases.

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