Fort Carson Soldier Dies in California Training Incident


A Fort Carson soldier died Wednesday from injuries he suffered six days earlier after an eight-wheeled Stryker vehicle rolled during a training exercise at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, Calif.

The soldier, whose name was not released, was in California with the post's 4,500-soldier 1st Brigade Combat Team, which has been drilling in the Mojave Desert for the past month. Last week brought the most intensive part of a mock war for the unit. The monthlong training is considered a graduation exercise signifying the unit's readiness for combat.

Few details were released about the Sept. 24 incident. Fort Carson said two other soldiers were in the vehicle when it rolled, but they were not hurt.

The injured soldier was taken to Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, Calif., where he died Wednesday.

The incident in California is the third training wreck for Fort Carson's Strykers since February. The 18-ton vehicles were brought to the post in 2014 as an alternative to heavier tracked vehicles, including 72-ton M-1 tanks. In February, one soldier was killed and six were injured when a Stryker rolled during training at the post. Reports on that incident have not been released, although the Associated Press reported that the vehicle tumbled off a 100-foot cliff.

In June, another three soldiers were hurt in a Stryker during a training accident at Fort Carson's Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site east of Trinidad.

The Stryker has been criticized for its high center of gravity and prone to rolling in rough terrain.

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