Coast Guard Fines Greenpeace Activists


PORTLAND, Ore. — Five Greenpeace protesters who tried to stop a Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker from leaving Portland, Oregon, for an Arctic oil-drilling operation have been fined $5,000 apiece by the Coast Guard.

The icebreaking vessel Fennica arrived in Portland last month for repairs. When the repairs were done, 13 protesters suspended themselves from a bridge to try to block it from going to the Arctic. The icebreaker got through July 30.

Petty Officer 1st Class George Degener says they were fined for interfering with the safe operations of a vessel. They can appeal before a hearings officer in Virginia.

The protesters facing fines include three who dangled below the bridge for 40 hours and two members of their support staff.

Degener says protesters who came down of their own accord weren't fined.

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