DoD Warns About Potential Retirement Scam

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The Department of Defense has issued a warning about a potential retirement scam involving a company called Government Employee Services.

Federal workers should be wary of calls, mailings or emails from the firm that seek to provide "help" with federal benefits, according to officials from the DoD's Civilian Personnel Advisory Service.

"The scam intends to use misinformation as well as fear about the Affordable Care Act (widely known as Obamacare) and its impact on the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program to influence federal employees to buy their services," officials said in an alert sent to employees this week.

Government Employee Services isn't affiliated with the government, the officials said.

"It is a company seeking to get your business through misleading advertisement," the alert states.

In 2011, the Office of Personnel Management alerted workers to a similar scam involving benefits consultants.

According to the latest alert, the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program isn't altered or affected by Obamacare. Federal employees should contact their human resource office to verify any claims about changes to federal benefits or if they are unsure whether correspondence they receive is from the agency, officials said.

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