Disabled Freighter Blocks Seaway Shipping Traffic


ORLEANS, N.Y.  — Shipping has been suspended on the St. Lawrence Seaway after a 650-foot freighter lost steering and had to anchor near the Thousand Island Bridge on the Canadian border in northern New York.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the captain of the Federal Kivalina reported losing steering shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday as the ship approached the bridge in the Jefferson County town of Orleans, New York. The crew dropped three anchors to slow the drifting ship, which stopped about a third of a mile upriver from the span.

None of the ship's 22 crew members were injured. They remain aboard the vessel.

The Hong Kong-flagged freighter is hauling 23,000 metric tons of canola seeds.

Seaway officials say shipping traffic has been halted near the bridge. There's no immediate word Wednesday on when it would resume.

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