Navy Releases Two New Spice PSA Videos

MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) office has just released two new Public Service Announcement videos regarding the career risks of the synthetic drugs known as "bath salts" and "Spice" Dec. 12.

The public service announcement videos air on the Direct to Sailor Television aboard ships and are available for download at

The new videos focus on the career consequences of using synthetic drugs as part of ongoing efforts to educate Sailors of the risks and dangers of synthetic drugs to both their health and their Navy career. 

"Synthetic drug use impacts a Sailor's career, family life and overall well-being and that impacts Fleet readiness," said Lanorfeia Parker, Deputy Director of Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention office. "If a Sailor makes a poor choice and uses synthetic drugs, they need to know that there will be consequences. We are a zero-tolerance force for synthetic drug use."

The videos take a unique approach at grabbing the audience's attention by incorporating music. The lyrics "Designer Drugs are designed to defeat you" reflect the serious career risks Sailors face if using designer drugs. 

OPNAVINST 5350.4D defines the scope of drug abuse as the wrongful use of controlled substances to include designer drugs, illicit-use anabolic steroids, prescription or over-the-counter medication. The unlawful possession or use by Department of the Navy personnel of controlled substance analogues (designer drugs), natural substances, chemicals wrongfully used as inhalants, propellants, prescribed or over-the-counter medication or pharmaceutical compound with the intent to induce intoxication, excitement or stupefaction of the central nervous system is prohibited via SECNAVINST 5300.28D. Violators are subject to punitive action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 92.

To access the videos visit NADAP's YouTube channel at 

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