Glitch Leaves Air Force Base Employees' Pay Short


WARNER ROBINS -- An accounting error will mean about 2,200 Robins Air Force Base employees will be shorted pay on their checks to be issued Friday.

The error was related to the partial government shutdown.

Base spokesman David Donato said most of the workers lost three days pay, but it will be restored on their next paycheck Oct. 25. He said the error was in the Defense Civilian Pay System and affected employees across the Department of Defense.

The affected workers were supposed to have been exempted from furloughs due to the nature of their jobs, but paychecks were improperly coded as furlough on those days, Donato said.

Some workers are exempt because the funds were there to pay them, while others were exempt from the furlough because their jobs were considered essential.

A partial government shutdown started Oct. 1 as the fiscal year began for the federal government without Congress having approved a budget or continuing spending resolution.

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