5 Marine NCOs Guilty of Fraternization


Five Marine Corps staff sergeants in California face dismissal after being convicted of fraternizing with a female lance corporal, military officials said.

The Marines, stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, were charged with fraternization and four of the five were charged with adultery because they are married.

One of the five received a bad conduct discharge after a court-martial. Another pleaded guilty to the two charges to avoid being dismissed. The other three were convicted of fraternization at court-martial but not of adultery and recommended for separation from the Marine Corps due to "commission of a serious offense," the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. The military trials were overseen by Brig. Gen. John Broadmeadow.

All five men and the female lance corporal are part of the 1st Marine Logistics Group, whose job is to coordinate transportation of supplies to the battlefield.

The female lance corporal does not face any charges. Military officials described her as suffering from depression.

Under military law, adultery and fraternization are considered criminal offenses because they are deemed a detrimental to "good order and discipline."

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