Pakistan Lauds Obama Stance On Drone Use


Pakistan Friday lauded President Obama's stance on the use of drones inside the country, saying its troops had "borne the brunt" of fighting terrorism.

The government said it appreciated Obama's "acknowledgement and recognition of the sacrifices made by Pakistan" during the president's speech on counterterrorism, CNN reported.

"Pakistani troops have borne the brunt and given the ultimate sacrifice" in the fight against terror groups, the government said.

Outlining U.S. counterterrorism policy Thursday, Obama said "force alone cannot make us safer" in the battle against terrorism.

That battle has involved extensive use of U.S. drones to strike at terrorists and their camps inside Pakistan. Many civilians are reported to have been killed in the attacks.

Drones are a necessary part of the fight against terrorism, Obama said, but their use must be tempered as the United States works to rebuild its relationship with Pakistan after the U.S. raid in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

The Pakistani government said it welcomes "the resolve expressed by President Obama to continue efforts to rebuild the important bilateral relationship with Pakistan, which we believe should be based on the mutual respect and mutually of benefit."

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