Obama Presents Commander-in-Chief's trophy to Navy


President Obama presented the Commander-in-Chief's trophy to the U.S. Naval Academy football team Friday during a ceremony in the White House.

Every year, the U.S. service academies play in a triangle series against each other and the winner of that series is presented the Commander-in-Chief trophy.

"You beat Air Force, you beat Army, and lugged this 170-pound trophy back to Annapolis," Obama said.

They have won 19 of their last 21 games against the other service academies. This was the Naval Academy's 8th visit to the White House in 10 years. "Michelle and I were thinking about just leaving the key under the rug," Obama joked.

Navy finished the season 8-5, earning a 9th bowl bid in 10 years.

"But at Navy, obviously it's not just about the wins. It's about how you win. This year, your team motto was INAM, which is short for 'It's Not About Me.' And that ethic of teamwork and discipline and unselfishness was led by your captains, Bo Snelson and Brye French, and it ran through your entire season," Obama said. "All season long you kept your priorities in line, your mission in focus."

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