US Navy Clears Sailors in Deadly Dubai Shooting


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- The U.S. Navy says sailors aboard an American support vessel acted within appropriate rules of engagement last year when they fired on a small boat approaching at high speed off Dubai, killing one fisherman and wounding three others.

The July 2012 incident initially brought conflicting accounts about measures taken by the USNS Rappahannock to warn the crew aboard the 15-meter (50-foot) fishing boat.

But a Navy report made public on April 8 said warning shots and other steps were taken as the skiff approached the U.S. refueling ship.

The Navy says the smaller vessel was deemed a threat and "use of force was appropriate."

U.S. officials have expressed regret over the shooting, compensated the family of the Indian fisherman killed and given assistance to his three countrymen who were wounded.

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