Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Friday tested a short-range ballistic missile, the military said.

The launch of Abdali missile was part of the validation process of the land-based ballistic missile systems, military spokesman Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said.

"Abdali carries nuclear as well as conventional warheads with high accuracy," and had a range of 180 kilometres, Bajwa said.

It was second missile test this week after the firing on Monday of a NASR missile, which can carry strategic and conventional weapons 60 kilometres.

Pakistan's missile defences are aimed at neighbour and arch-rival India. The two countries have fought three wars, two over the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, since independence from Britain in August 1947.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks after the killing of four Pakistani and two Indian soldiers in clashes along the disputed Kashmir border.

The latest causality occurred Thursday when a Pakistani soldier was killed by the Indian army after he inadvertently crossed the border, according to the Pakistan military.

The Indian military said that the soldier was killed after he opened fire on its troops.

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