Air Force Brigadier General Reassigned to Pentagon


WASHINGTON -- The deputy commander of a task force that ran detention centers in Afghanistan has been reassigned to a Pentagon position pending the outcome of an investigation, the Air Force confirmed this week.

Brig. Gen. Veralinn Jamieson, second in command at Joint Interagency Task Force 435, is currently serving as special assistant to the Air Force deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and surveillance, an official said.

The task force oversaw operations at the Parwan detention facility at Bagram Air Field, where troops in February inadvertently burned Qurans from the prison library that were thought to contain extremist messages written by prisoners.

The Air Force would not confirm that the investigation, being carried out by United States Forces-Afghanistan, was directly related to the Quran burning incident.

The burning spurred demonstrations and reprisals that resulted in the deaths of a number of U.S. and coalition troops, including two American officers murdered as they worked in the supposedly secure Afghan interior ministry. The Army imposed administrative punishments on six soldiers in connection with the burning incident.

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