Taliban Out to Kill Prince Harry

The Taliban have threatened to kill Britain's Prince Harry, who has just returned to Afghanistan for a four-month deployment.

Britain's Prince Harry is back in Afghanistan, where A Taliban spokesman has announced the terror group is determined to kill him.

"We will try to kill Prince Harry and other members of the British forces based in Helmand,'' the spokesman told AFP in a telephone interview. "We will not catch him, but kill him."

The Taliban spokesman said its "a very important plan " for the group to get Prince Harry, who is third in succession to the British throne.

The 27-year-old royal, who made news in the U.S. last month when he was photographed naked while partying in Las Vegas, began a temporary assignment in Afghanistan as a pilot of an Apache helicopter.

This deployment, lasting four months, is the second for the prince.

His previous posting as a battlefield air traffic controller in late 2007 and early 2008 lasted only 10 weeks. It was cut short amid fears for his safety after his deployment was made public.

Harry, an army captain, is now finishing his first phase of initial training at Camp Bastion.

On Sunday he was expected to complete a two-day course in first aid, shooting, and roadside-bomb awareness. He began Apache-specific preparation on Monday, familiarizing himself with the helicopter's configurations for Afghanistan.

He will not start flying missions for at least seven more days.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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