Skydivers Land on Submarine Base Near Ga. Coast


KINGS BAY, Ga. - The military is investigating after two skydivers missed an airport and landed on a high-security submarine base along Georgia's coast.

St. Marys Airport officials say they were told Sunday that the U.S. Navy had two skydivers in custody after they landed at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The base is the East Coast hub for the Navy's nuclear-missile armed submarines.

Cathy Kloess owns a skydiving business at the nearby St. Marys Airport and tells The Florida Times-Union the skydivers landed on a baseball diamond on base.

Kloess says the Navy doesn't want skydivers landing on the base, but Navy officials were understanding after an "act of God" like the strong winds that blew the skydivers off-course.

Base security officers released the jumpers after verifying their identities.

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