Ohio Grand Jury Reindicts in Navy Charity Scam

CLEVELAND - An Ohio grand jury has reindicted a former fugitive accused of running a $100 million scam collecting donations for Navy veterans.

State Attorney General Mike DeWine says the 24-count indictment against the man reflects new information since two previous indictments in 2010. Charges filed Wednesday by the Cleveland grand jury include identity fraud and complicity to money laundering.

Authorities say it's unclear what the man's true identity is. They say he goes by Bobby Thompson and has signed court documents as Mr. X. They say he defrauded donors in 41 states of up to $100 million through a bogus Florida-based charity. Some of the money has been found.

The man was arrested in Portland, Ore., in May and has pleaded not guilty. He'll be arraigned Monday. His attorney hasn't returned a message seeking comment.

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