AF Academy Booting 8 Cadets in 'Spice' Probe

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- More cadets have been punished as part of a five-month Air Force Academy investigation into use of "Spice," a synthetic drug that mimics marijuana.

In January, the academy kicked off a probe into spice use by as many as 31 cadets. So far, investigations of 25 of those cadets have been finished, and 13 of the suspected spice users have been cleared.

Eight cadets have been hit with administrative punishments under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Administrative punishments, which the Air Force will not disclose, can include extra duty, loss of pay and could get them booted from the service.

The academy did say that two of those eight have been kicked out and the other six are awaiting disenrollment.

One cadet is awaiting administrative punishment and another could face a special court martial, the academy said in a news release. Two cadets are awaiting their fate as commanders decide what to do and six investigations are ongoing.

Spice burst onto the academy scene in 2009 and was banned by academy boss Lt. Gen. Mike Gould in 2010. A general order prohibits cadets from using all non-prescribed drugs except alcohol and tobacco.

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