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Game Review: Closure
If it's in the dark, it doesn't exist in "Closure," a deviously clever 2D sidescroller that once again proves all the brillia...
Game Review: Quarrel
The conceptually brilliant and rambunctiously cheerful "Quarrel" is what happens when Boggle and RISK join forces.
Game Review: Sideway: New York
On style alone, "Sideway: New York" is immediately striking. It takes a genre as old as time - the sidescrolling platformer -...
Game Review: Motorstorm RC
If you ever imagined how amusing it might be to see "Motorstorm's" hulking off-road vehicles shrunk down to RC car form, just...
Game Review: Scarygirl
Don't let the name fool you: Even though its namesake and star has the arms of an octopus and the face of a skeleton vinyl do...
Game Review: Crush3d
There's been a lot of buzz lately about "Fez," an upcoming, long-in-development puzzle/platforming game that literally turns...

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Does NORAD Really Track Santa?
Tracking Santa on his trek across the world has been a holiday tradition for many American families for decades, but did you...
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