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Movie Review: 'Escape Plan'
"Escape Plan" doesn't aim high, but it delivers, providing the brute force entertainment values we expect from B movies.
Movie Review: Frances Ha
"Frances Ha" presents a sympathetic character study of a young woman with high hopes, lovable foibles and modest attainments.
Movie Review: The Iceman
"The Iceman," directed and co-written by Ariel Vromen, is a cold, calculating, viscerally effective portrait of a contract ki...
Movie Review: ‘Philomena'
Judi Dench plays the title role in "Philomena" with her usual authenticity, which is reason enough to see it, but there are s...
Movie Review: ‘Oldboy’
To appreciate Spike Lee's "Oldboy," keep repeating, "It's a comic book." Release the grab bar of realism and let yourself flo...

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