WWII Veteran Randomly Beaten to Death

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The 88-year-old World War II veteran who was randomly beaten to death Wednesday likely died because he tried to fend off his attackers. Two teenage boys are charged in the bloody beating of Delbert Belton outside a Spokane, Washington ice skating rink and investigators are now suggesting the soldier—who took a bullet in the Battle of Okinawa—tried to stop the apparent robbery. Police say that enraged the teens and turned their petty theft into full-blown murder as they continued to beat him into submission with ‘big, heavy flashlights.’

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  1. 61Deacon64
    61Deacon64 Aug 28, 2013

    As of now, It would appear that the Perps or at least one of them , are saying they were attempting to buy "Crack" from the elderly gentleman. Would this be an attempt to smear Mr. Belton's name?

  2. 31180442
    31180442 Aug 28, 2013

    Are you trying to put it in Mr Belton's corner because he tried to defend himself. Really you should be ahsamed. It was those thugs fault, they are uilty of murder and there is no other way around it f you are trying to make excuses for them. Also, many of us grew up in depressed situations, get over it and man up to becoming a decent human being. We all have our issues but we don't seek out to kill another human being. We spend more time in money making Trayvon's parents celebraties and a WWII VET doesn't receive 7days/24hrs media...what is wrong with this picture? HE IS AN AMERICA HERO, who was a good role model not Trayvon and the thugs that killed Mr. Lane or Mr. Belton.

  3. E6Psyops
    E6Psyops Sep 01, 2013

    Thugs, punks, worthless flesh these animals need to be given the death penalty so as to give Mr. Belton a second chance to finish what he started. Bless him and will pray for him.

  4. Mark6198
    Mark6198 Oct 16, 2013

    This is happening too much. I live near Flint, Mi (sorry for me). Just a few blocks away this Summer a homeless Vietnam Vet was beatean to death by to teenagers in a school field. Then today I found out that two Detroit teenagers are being charged with attempted murder or murder if he dies of a another 55 year old homeless man. The state of this country is an embareassment to the world.

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