WW2 Hero Sells Medals to Survive

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They fought to save their nation and Europe from tyranny but many of Britain's wartime heroes are finding that the country's austerity is one battle they can't win as highly-decorated World War Two veterans are forced to sell their medals just to make the ends meet. Sara Firth has their story.

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  1. garymathena
    garymathena Sep 23, 2013

    This is very sad. God bless them, I bet the royals don't go without. Sell the queens bloody Corgis.

  2. Grusano
    Grusano Jan 09, 2014

    WTF...A man who fought bravely for the country that the people who now are responsible for caring for him live in, has to sell the tangible evidence that proves he fought that fight just to be able to be provided care by the children and grandchildren of those he helped to protect and save. Yet I'm subjected to news reports over on this side of the pond about the luxurious life Kate Middleton lives. Seems the UK has a screwed up sense of propriety as well.

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