Veterans Dying Waiting for Healthcare

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CNN's Drew Griffin reports on military veterans dying because of long waits and delayed care at U.S. Veterans Hospitals.

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  1. TheLoneRaven
    TheLoneRaven Nov 22, 2013

    Sadly this is only going to get worse. As a 70% vet who cannot get a job because of some serious physical problems, I was recently told to don't bother the VA with my health problems. Since I still have tricare fore my family, I was to use that because I would not be able to get reliable care in the near future fore rated disability problems. That came from a VA doctor. nearly 28 years of my life and this is the thanks...

  2. 12638683
    12638683 Nov 23, 2013

    Had leukemia-has to be service connected-only way to get it is exposure to radiation or benzine. 28 years on active duty AF, and the VA Said-not service connected-really. so this is how to handle the VA BACKLOG-deny every claim submitted-PS HAD TO HAVE A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT in order to live-not to mention that just undergoing the procedure had a 60% death rate. VA health care-thank God I had private insurance to help us. It's out of hand and we do not have a voice!

  3. rokuban
    rokuban Mar 10, 2014

    The Bay Pines VA Healthcare System in Florida is badly broken and cannot even get an answer from Patients Advocates ,all contacted as well as Director of system, Suzanne Klinker,certified mail. I have had four, begged for, MRI's and all concluded that there are Significant Abnormalities: Attention Needed, under Primary Diagnostic Code. I have to try and drive 1300 miles to the Ann Arbor VA faclity where people and doctors care about serious issues.My problems will hopefully be behind me, as Ann Arbor has promised care, where Bay Pines could care less. m concern now, and will contine to fight for my fellow veterans, in this system, or entereing the system with severe,life threatening info I have gotten zero answers to my MRI's,But Veterans will DIE waiting for care and they do not know it. leaving for Michigan April 8th, wish me luck and my fight for fellow veterans will continue when well enough.. Wish me luck, as well as all the others,please!!! Ron Kuban

  4. 33972837
    33972837 Aug 03, 2015

    I once waited for over six months until I got the Scope! Thank God I was not filled with Cancer...

  5. 33972837
    33972837 Aug 03, 2015

    I have been waiting for treatment for a Hepatitis C virus since I've seenand heard of a treatment that is 94-97% successful in my genotype. The va has been dragging their feet over 120 days and would have me wait another 60 days before I might get treatment. I was referred to the Doctor who is head of Public Health at the VA in Washington DC...He recommended me to utilize a Choice Program that has 10 Billion dollars available for certain Vets under certain criteria...I meet the criteria! The local VA in Columbia, MO says they don't know a doctor or how to utilize this program and can't confirm if I'd qualify, and it might take over two months before getting an answer...This program is established to keep us from waiting over 30 days for treatment...the local VA can't figure out how to make it work, put a veteran in charge of it and they will make it work. This particular head of the Hep dept says they are going to try to go back to congress and the house to get some funds reappropriated so people like me can get treatment.They think it is easier to get congress to make a move than for them to just make it work for us...It's another catch 22, I'm STILL WAITING!!! been 43 years

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