Vet Calls Out Rep. Moran on Gov Shutdown

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Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) held a town hall meeting on April 7 about the possibility of a government shutdown. From the guy in the video: "I was the veteran in the video. I said nothing to him that was "caustic". I asked him why he was at a meeting instead of solving the issue that would prevent our troops from getting paid. He felt it was necessary to insult me and not answer the question. Additionally, he had NO INFORMATION to put out that was not already on every news show and webpage. I am still amazed that both sides of the aisle would even let our troops worry about getting paid--and so should every other American!"

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  1. 26939941
    26939941 Apr 08, 2011

    lets see how our congressmen would do on the front lines with an m-4. they are jerking us around!!!!

  2. Magnifacent7
    Magnifacent7 Apr 09, 2011

    Charlie - I could not have said it any better! Moran made a WEAK attempt to point a finger "across the aisle". HOW FEABLE IS THAT?!?!? Moran is no man and no leader. Boot the bum out!

  3. Armor-Recon
    Armor-Recon Apr 09, 2011

    The Vet was right... Remember in Nov 2012 All 100 inthe Senate and 435 in the house should be replace

  4. 7101814
    7101814 Apr 09, 2011

    It appears that this Congressman had prepared his answers prior to arriving at this location. This disabled Veteran knew what he wanted to say and he said it quite well.

  5. One10soldier
    One10soldier Apr 10, 2011

    I can not ever figure out how a lot of our Senators,and congressmen are able to function when it comes to making decisions on money spending.I watch Cspan sometimes and most of their seats are empty,The ones that are there are asleep or are yaking about nonsense,hell 3rd graders make more sense I'm at awe sometimes!

  6. rpurcella38
    rpurcella38 Apr 13, 2011

    lets all come to gether and do like our founders wanted us to do make them scared to serve and have them leaving dc in droves we have the no how to get this done this is past voting it is to armed rebellion they have no sense of what is going on we need people in office that are not failed lawyersand actors or forigners we need people who care for this country.

  7. 9851976
    9851976 Jul 21, 2011

    As long as the congress is getting all the kick backs from lobbyist there will be no change. Its all about money, Them getting it and to hell with the nation. Put in term limits and tighten the election contribution rules and maybe just maybe the qualified people will get in and not those that can be bought by a lobbyist group or those in bed with the rich.....

  8. Kalagg
    Kalagg Feb 04, 2012

    "When are the troops going to get paid ?" is a rhetorical question ?

  9. centaur1129again
    centaur1129again Sep 16, 2013

    It is unfortunate that rep. Jim Moran chose the wording that he did, especially branding this veteran's comments as caustic, which I don't think they were. Having said that, it is doubly unfortunate because he was correct in saying that he (Mr. Moran) was out on Congress' vacation because it WAS the other dide (republicans) that had mandated this vacation. It is the republicans' six year policy of blocking ALL democrat bills for anything whatsoever, including jobs, health, OR veterans' pay that is responsible for the current status quo.

  10. 80coastie
    80coastie Sep 23, 2013

    hey tell this to the republicans they are the ones that is doing this, they could careless about any of us.... they better pay me 100% disabled Vet....

  11. Dbakercl
    Dbakercl Oct 01, 2013

    I agree with the servicemember. As long as the congress is getting kick backs from lobbyist there will be no change. Its all about money. Of course they will deny this. It should be a law that they don't get paid either for as long as every Federal employee goes without pay or their pay is cut because of something that congress does. The Republicans have consistently tried to stop anything that the President has tried to do for the middle class and below since he has been office. Maybe the american public should look at this in a different way.

    SFC WRIGHT Oct 02, 2013

    To all the so called law makers who are at fault for shutting down the Government. I hope this is the last time this will happen. You are not worthy to be a representative for all the people. They are only doing this because of a Black President. They have fought him on every thing he have ever done. All the old folks in the congress need to go home and retire like I did. Spending 27 years with the Federal Government doesn't mean a thing to the wanna be presidents and the racist Tea Party and their followers. We don't need a Tea Party, the democrats and republicans are too many to have to deal with. This is a sad day for the Military and veterans who gave and who are giving their life so all may be free.

  13. Doc1987
    Doc1987 Oct 02, 2013

    Recall election?? Colorado did it, seems Virginia might ne to do it as well. The most capricious thing about the shutdown is that the President and members of Congress will continue to get paid, while all other programs suffer. If you want to show your constituents you care, and you feel our pain, do without your cushy salaries and participate with the healthcare law you helped pass. Your own mandate of the bill exempts members of congress. *steps down off soapbox for now*

  14. 24586671
    24586671 Oct 02, 2013

    Jim Morgan, I am embarrassed for you! You cracked under pressure while demonstrating your true lack of sympathetic views for the military community. Not too easy to ignore the raw facts when presented by one of of those servicemen affected, is it? Your attempt to portray a empathetic government rep. was insulting and YOU sit down and listen or LEAVE!!! What were you thinking, did you forget you were being filmed?!? Oppps you slipped.....

  15. 19479919
    19479919 Oct 03, 2013

    The active military are going to get their pay. As a disabled vet, I'm disappointed in the selfish whining I see on this site from those representing themselves to be vets. If you truly were willing to risk your life to serve this country, then you should be willing to sacrifice a little wait in getting your government check for a greater cause. The greater cause is to change what the current administration has done to this country and the contempt they have shown for the constitution. This is not a matter of the president being black (as well white), but a matter of the disdain he has for what our forefathers sacrificed to establish this country. Obama does not know what made this country great. He is bent on bringing down the pillars on which this country was built. He's now intentionally and unnecessarily shutting down services just to try to cause people to perceive Republicans as the cause. The Republicans tried several times in vain to compromise and pass a bill to fund the government, even including Obamacare. Obama and democrats stopped that and caused the current shutdowns. Obama is stopping WWII veterans from visiting their war monument in DC. Don't be fooled.

  16. beluga99
    beluga99 Oct 08, 2013

    Our politicians, and specifically congress, have lost sight of the fact that they work for US (the people) we do not work for THEM. This is the example that they set for our young people. They make us all look like a bunch of idiots. They do not know what it is to serve. Simply thanking a vet for his/her service while pulling a stunt like a government shutdown is demeaning and patronizing.

  17. 16724022
    16724022 Oct 10, 2013

    God bless you for being a spokesman for the vets. I love our country as I know you must. The law makers of nation seems to forget the reason they were vote in, now they seems to feel they are above the laws and do as they please no matter whom they will hurt. I am a Christian and word of God's says we are to respect these people that are the law makers. ( Romans 13.) I try to respect them, however I cannot for the life accept the way they run our government. I pray for them often and wonder if they had to give up their paycheck know the they have to pay your bills and not having the money to so. I have tried to keep up with our payments. This shut down looming over heads make me wonder if I will loose everything.????????

  18. 16724022
    16724022 Oct 10, 2013

    I have one more thought. I wonder if our elect would make it through show "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" These kids could run this country better then they can.......

  19. 31361610
    31361610 Oct 10, 2013

    First i would like to state that is it ashame that our politicians can´t get their act together. I am personally embarrased by our government. The most powerful country in the world and our government can´t do their jobs properly. Not all government officials are guilty here. But those who are associated with the Tea Party i have no love for them. It seems to me that they have no plans to help move our country forward. They hold our country hostage due to Obama care and debt increase issues. I would like to remind them all who put us in this mess to begin with? How government officials ever growed up like i did with no health insurance and my famiily was so poor we could not afford health care or insurance. Thank god we never got sick except for my mother who again thank god that the state of South Carolina picked up here bill and paid for it somehow. I have know people in my neighbor hood who were turned away from places because of no health coverage. I ask you all Mister Senators, Congressman or any other big government officials. When were you ever turned away for health treatment? If your pay check stops tommorrow will you worry about how to pay your bills and buy food to eat?

  20. papa54
    papa54 Oct 11, 2013

    if the govt continues with this govt shutdown why doesnt Pres. Obama move outta the white house. After all, isnt the White House a govt building. Throw Oama out of the white house untill things are resolved. stop the congresses pay and the president.

  21. 31367297
    31367297 Oct 12, 2013

    I love this Veteran!

  22. brantonr
    brantonr Oct 14, 2013

    if the gov is shut down then it would seem that we don't have a goverment so we should get rid of the non goverment people that is in wash ad replace them with a real goverment .one that will work for the people of the us

  23. brantonr
    brantonr Oct 14, 2013

    I thought we were one nation under god so if we put god back in the goverment maybe they could get something done

  24. 31372826
    31372826 Oct 15, 2013

    I am just sitting here in disbelief. " served 27 years..I thank you for your service." in the next breath "..SIT DOWN!..You had your chance to speak..SIT DOWN or LEAVE!.." Really?! There is Nothing "caustic" about the comment that this Veteran made. He simply stated a fact-regardless if it was the Republicans or Democrats that call(ed) for the 'vacation', the veteran was more so referring to why was rep. Jim Moran waisting time-And YES he was Waisting Time-at this conference because he didn't really answer any questions straight. He was just simply there making excuses, avoiding speaking on the real topic/problem at hand, completely ignoring and disregarding questions/comments related to the matters of urgency and importance, Insulting and talking down to a veteran, and making a complete tail of himself-being clearly unprepared and loosing his cool like a frustrated teenager when someone called him out on his 'bull'. If the fact that the veteran presented him with insults or offends him, then maybe he should fix the problem instead of yelling at the victim/representative to many of us veterans. Of course the congressman isn't worried about the shutdown, he will still be paid!

  25. 15211358
    15211358 Oct 16, 2013

    GOP has stop the Congress! Not this Rep. Ask your GOP Rep. You Do The Math!

  26. 29021390
    29021390 Oct 16, 2013

    Hello to my fellow Vets. Lets see it that congressmen will give his pay check to some broken troop that comes home from combat when he cant get his.....NOT!!!!!. Ask them , will they send there sons to take there place? ....NOT scouts out

  27. 12606744
    12606744 Oct 24, 2013

    Moran is a Moron!

  28. 10890848
    10890848 Oct 24, 2013

    I encourage all members of the DoD in the good state of Virginia to remember Congressman Moran when he comes up for re-election. Mitchell Stewart MSG (USA RET)and current DoD Employee who has been furloughed

  29. 5949928
    5949928 Oct 24, 2013

    The Speaker of the House has authority to call an emergecy session, not the President. The veteran made some good points, but should have at least allowed he Congressman to answer. And the Congressman was correct in stating the power and "leadership" of the majority party.

  30. 27005494
    27005494 Nov 12, 2013

    The Veteran was way out of line. He knows the house is in republican control. Why Vets vote republican, is be on me. All they want to do is cut our benefits. This Veteran is un like any I known . Why did he not accept the truth. He must watch way too much Fox News. The Republican Party is not now, or will it every be for the Veterans. They are for the makers of weapons, not the front line Vets. You had your 15 min. No sit down and leave. Or ask the Tea Baggers, why the government shut down. Under John Boners house, it's been open less than 200 days each year.

  31. 29334965
    29334965 Mar 26, 2014

    REP Moran was responsive to the veteran's question which was actually more of a complaint (caustic?). While Rep Moran doesn't always use the most diplomatic of terms, he always shoots straight and is forthright in his positions. We'd all be better off with representatives who are more direct in their responses to constituents and less "political."

  32. 27578316
    27578316 Apr 03, 2014

    apparently this 27 year vet doesn't understand how congress works... it is sad.. i too side with the him but like this democratic congressman explained the house of rep is being run by the majority which are republicans and they shut down the government and because the democrats are in the minority they couldn't do anything about it.. end of story... it's moot now because government is back on the line ... still, do not forget , the republicans did shut the gov. down, want to shut down medicare , want to shut down tricare, want to shut down the commissaries, want you to make less money as a troop. and generals are saying that the military knows they need to take a pay cut. that is outrageous..... you are all ready making ,like $4 per hour for 24 hrs. work . and the general wants you to take a lower pay. some e-5's are on food stamps. republicans want to take that away too. hell pay attention to what they want you to give up... congress works for 158 days a year make 189,000 dollars the generals make 100,000 dollars a year they want you the military to take a cut in pay.... the ram e-9 retired

  33. 11219585
    11219585 Apr 18, 2014

    First off, as soon as moron said what he said, I would have responded with, "You need to answer the question or shut up and sit down because you have obviously FORGOTTEN who works for who. You are an ELECTED official and work FOR the people, the People DO NOT work for YOU!" Then congress wonders why they have a negative rating (not literally, but pretty close) with the People.

  34. 27292735
    27292735 May 01, 2014

    Wayne did an outstanding job of verbalizing the frustration of the American citizens to Congress's out of touch attitude with their constituents. They can say many things, but it is action and only action that lays the foundation to real work for the citizens of our great nation. Show us that you get it. Show that Congress will lead by cutting their benefits. Eliminate their retirement program and move to a Savings Plan similar to that of the military and federal workers. Leaders lead by example and from the front. Put the bi-paritionship back into your work. Make it a Win-Win situation for the American people and not one of you Win, while the other side loses or you are not going to play. Stop all of your excuses and get it done... As Wayne stated, he is a veteran of 27 years and I too am a veteran of 39+ years, so we understand serving the American people and sacrifice where clearly Congress does not.

  35. 32386975
    32386975 May 05, 2014

    I love this Vet. Thank you my man, I would shake your hand if I could meet you. This politician definitely needs to not be reelected. People in Virginia in this district have to find another Dem. to replace him. Definitely do not want a Rep sitting in his chair.

  36. Sandy55855344
    Sandy55855344 May 06, 2014

    To all our nation's leaders: R.U. a Demlican or a Rebuercrat? Me thinks you are a civilian "Fat Cat"! Reaping what our Brave Military,,Past and Present has sown with their BLOOD,SWEAT,and TEARS! A Great day is coming,Then you'll pay YOUR Dues,And I thank GOD Almighty,I won't be in your shoes!

  37. 18862970
    18862970 May 20, 2014

    Nothing new ,Politicians are the best at double/talk.Never a day goes bye that I am not amazed that we continue to re elect the same people who screwed it up in the first place .Self serving blood suckers,top to bottom .TERM LIMITS our only salvation as a Nation

  38. papa54
    papa54 May 22, 2014

    this damned govt. we presently have does not give a crap about any of us Veterans. all they want do is feed other nations while the poor in America set and wonder why has our president done something instead of popping his gums with no bite or power., he send billions to another country and tax the crap out of US Citizens. where in the hell is our 1 1/2 billion that we don't have to repay.. I'm Totally poised off that Americans President would send billions to a foreign nation.. crap 300 million Americans could use their part of that cash that was borrowed from RED CHINA (our enemy) and give it away with nothing ask in return. it pisses me to ne end that our poor assed President wont take care of America--- but is hell bent to give CASH away but we AMERICANS HALF TO SCRATCH AND SCRAP TO FIND A FEWQ DOLLARS... I say Impeach that dumb assed president. that would save Americans billions, also throw the assine UN away from the US. that alone would save our govts. cash it doesn't have. and ear mark billions to our veterans..

  39. 5747379
    5747379 May 29, 2014

    It seems typical tht many polticians will tel us what we want to hear, point the finger the other way, but will strike out when backed inot a corner. The military teaches us that we have t be able to adjust to the situation. Agendas and such are geat, but when the situation changes, the agenda and sense of urgency must change as well.

  40. speidi1
    speidi1 May 30, 2014

    This empty phrase 'thank you for your service' is getting mighty old. Old vet from a bygone era.

  41. 27563208
    27563208 Jun 05, 2014

    "Thank you for your service." I never heard that phrase until over 40 years after I came back from the war, but I got spit on that very first day. No, TYFYS is way too old for me, and is really almost turning my stomach when someone says it. And now Hanoi Jane is going to give a commencement speech at UCLA now. Nothing like rubbing salt into a wound.

  42. RetiredCSMJim56
    RetiredCSMJim56 Jun 18, 2014

    Typical of ALL Congress, trying to afix blame instead of trying to fix the problems. Our country would be best served if both houses of congress had mandatory term limits. No more career politicians sitting around pointing fingers at each other saying "its their fault".

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