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It is estimated that 400,000 veterans suffer from PTSD. Our goal is to reach veterans who are struggling and give them the stories of other veterans who have stood in their shoes and fought a similar battle with PTSD.

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  1. 1881862
    1881862 Sep 04, 2014

    My name is Stephen Paul Campos author of "STONE PONY" by Tate Publishing. I am a survivor of combat in the Vietnam War. As a combat veteran who has experience with PTSD, substance abuse, emotional trauma and my demons of war I must confess that currently the Veterans Administration offers some really good services, not all, but more available now than EVER before.The V.A. has helped me and I am grateful, but as a new veteran you must realize it takes time to get help. There are a lots and lots of veterans seeking help. Some need help more than others. When I came back from Vietnam I stuffed it all inside and wanted to forget, so I drank alcohol. ALCOHOL FUELED MY PTSD like a flame. I was on the verge of going insane until I asked for help. I hurt everyone around me, not on purpose. My message is this: THERE IS HOPE HEALING and RECOVERY. BUT, IT MUST BEGIN ON THE INSIDE SPIRITUALLY. SEEK GOD, PRAY, READ THE BIBLE, GO TO CHURCH and FORGIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS. GOD WILL RESTORE YOU. HE DID IT FOR ME.

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