Last Survivor of the USS Phoenix

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The sole survivor of the USS Phoenix, Frank Yanik, remembers the morning of December 7th, 1941, when his ship was attacked. Watch more at

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  1. 27209306
    27209306 Dec 01, 2013

    I like this video.

  2. 32116580
    32116580 Feb 10, 2014

    Smithsonian: This report of Frank Yanik and the USS Pheonix is "FALSE". Shipfitter 2nd class Frank R. Klinger from the Buffalo, New York area is alive and was on the Pheonix. Frank Yanik does not speak of General MacArthur being on board, during the battle of Los Negros. Nor does he speak of the USS Pheonix being sold to the Argentine navy and was sunk as the General Belgrano during the Faulkland war. He states he is the last survivor, he is not. Refer to Buffalo News article 10 February 14 saluting our heros. Email

  3. 33485212
    33485212 Dec 22, 2014

    There are other survivors who served on the USS Phoenix. My Father, J . Jameson served on the Phoenix the entire war and is still very much alive and well ( celebrated his 90th birthday this October!). We have several items in our family from his service on the Phoenix including maps, various papers and photos. He remembers MacArthurs boarding and transport an many other missions in the 7th fleet. It would be great to get connected with those who are still going strong!

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