Fake Army Ranger Called Out by Vets

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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Two Veterans one being a former ranger, call out soldier wearing fake Ranger, E.O.D., and 101st airborne tabs.

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  1. haloguy628
    haloguy628 Mar 20, 2014

    Interesting. "The 101st is not a Ranger unit!" Apparently the righteous "Ranger" who is dressing down the soldier does not know the difference between Ranger scroll and Ranger tab. I wonder who's the fake here.

  2. 31409068
    31409068 Mar 20, 2014

    You are right but at least have your ID with you and put on some head gear

  3. Whitjonw
    Whitjonw Mar 23, 2014

    This Ranger was IMO correct to confront this guy...fake or not. I have no problem believing that he and his buddy saw and gathered enough intel on site to get to the point of calling this guy out in public. And the guy in uniform did a really poor job of defending himself. If he was in the right, he would have been pretty adamant about his right to wear what he had on his uniform I'm sure. Also, it looks like it is in most likely a college setting and no doubt full of young liberal college types full of disdain for real warriors and instead of the classroom, social justice, friends for change, why can't we all just get along feeble minded individuals that most of them are. Good for you Ranger and sorry to hear you got arrested.

  4. regsanonline
    regsanonline Dec 26, 2014

    It is the right of this person to wear that uniform or it may be considered street clothes or a Halloween outfit!! This "ignorant" person with the unseen Ranger tattoo that anyone can have tattooed onto the body need to be schooled in minding their own business!! What gives him the right to approach and harass in a threatening manner anyone?? I wouldn't feel bad at all if this person in the uniform felt threaten to the point that he used deadly force...

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