Enlisted Women in Submarines Program

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The Navy's Submarine Community is looking for Enlisted Women to Join its ranks.

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  1. 34362931
    34362931 Apr 03, 2017

    As a former submarine skipper, five boats two commands, tender, and Group COS and ops, I could not agree less with putting women on the boats. Love the ladies, but they are, bless their hearts, a distraction. And, a distraction is not a desirable thing when safety and readiness is concerned. Lengthy periods submerged adds to the tensions. Bad enough for them on surface ships. Terrible for the Force with them in the boats. Another Obama/Mabus social experiment that will haunt us forever. They are not needed nor wanted in the boats. We are not short of male volunteers. Bad enough we have to accept all sorts of deviants. Adding women just compounds the problem.

  2. retsam369
    retsam369 Apr 09, 2017

    I was going to badmouth this ridiculous idea. But after reading the comments from 34362931, he has stated my thoughts very nicely. I don't believe that my words and thoughts would be so delicate!

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