Live Reporter Conveys Killing in Syria

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Distributed material video of CNN photojournalist, Fred Plitgen being followed Damasme LIVE fight pro fighters Bashar al Assad's regime, has gripped the world. In Plitgen is shooting with some Palestinian fighters who fight on the side of Assad, in Yermuk, suburb of Damascus, when in a moment by a sniper shoots kundërhstare in his direction. Fighter after Plitgenit says it sees as the opponent and saw a plum says it has killed. Yermuk, was once a refugee camp, and still keep track of a few decades of war. In the run up to the question Am Commander Ihab, who are his enemies, he said that the enemies of the regime, mainly by foreign Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Pakistan, but the Syrian citizen.

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  1. 30886213
    30886213 Jun 23, 2013

    These guys are just as stupid, but at least they aim down the sights.

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