SAA Sniper Goes Way Overboard

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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WARNING GRAPHIC: Another disturbing video from recent clashes in Syria show an injured militant repeatedly shot by a Syrian Army sniper.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 Oct 02, 2013

    Smart sniper would have let more people try to save the wounded guy and shot them. Killing the guy was also stupid. A wounded guy is a big drain on resources and bad for morale while he screams all the time.

  2. Mottlee
    Mottlee Oct 02, 2013

    How did he hit him in the 1st place, Was having a hard time hitting him as he was laing there!

  3. sfcstevens
    sfcstevens Oct 19, 2013


  4. 31421735
    31421735 Oct 30, 2013

    all of the middle east is going to hell

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