Freezing Arctic Airborne Operation

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Paratroopers conducted a unique "tailgate" jump, donning the complete arctic over-white winter uniform with ski equipment and the arctic sustainment packing list as a rehearsal for upcoming airborne operations in northern Alaska next year.

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  1. OsdocII
    OsdocII Jun 11, 2014

    We'd better have white packs, white parachutes, and everything else white. That or not land anywhere near or above the Arctic Circle--as in Siberia. Remember those pix of Soviet troops in white canvas parkas making prisoners of German soldiers in olive-gray ca. 1942? (Bad biz being a prisoner of the Soviets that winter.) Well, a lot has changed but not that: you must adapt all items of your combat kit to the environment. Of course that does make me wonder why the navies of the world, including our own, persist in requiring white uniforms for much of the year. As a midshipman almost fifty years ago aboard USS Galveston (CLG-3)--summer cruise 1966--I and my white sailor suit had a close encounter with an oily winch. Uniform and I lost. Anyone else remember that cruise? Alden Carter, U. of Kansas 1965-1969; USN 1965-1974. <>

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