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  1. Honoring Captain Eddie Rickenbacker
    Honoring Captain Eddie Rickenbacker

    USAF Col. Mark Auer, 121st Air Refueling Wing commander, tells some of the incredible story of Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker during… view now

    1 thumb_up thumb_down | Posted Sep 13, 2016
  2. U.S. Aces | Top 10
    U.S. Aces | Top 10

    U.S. fighting Aces are an elite group that has special skills and training. Learn who is considered the top of the list. … view now

    7 thumb_up thumb_down | Posted Jun 08, 2016
  3. Battlefield 101: Aerial Dogfights
    Battlefield 101: Aerial Dogfights

    Since the birth of flight, military pilots have looked for ways to effectively engage one another in air-to-air combat. … view now

    13 thumb_up thumb_down | Posted Sep 16, 2015
  4. WWI Ace was also Indy 500 Racer
    WWI Ace was also Indy 500 Racer

    Medal of Honor recipient Eddie Rickenbacker was an Indy 500 driver, motor speedway owner, airline CEO and WWI Ace. view now

    3 thumb_up thumb_down | Posted May 11, 2015
  5. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker -WWI Ace
    Captain Eddie Rickenbacker -WWI Ace

    As the first U.S. pilots prepared to leave for the front, Rickenbacker asked to go with them. Maj. Carl Spaatz approved the… view now

    8 thumb_up thumb_down | Posted Dec 15, 2014

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