Sherman T34 Rocket Artillery WWII

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Entering service in 1943, the M8 family of rockets saw service with the United States Army, which classified the M8 as a "barrage rocket".The rocket was also widely used by the United States Army Air Forces. Over 2,500,000 of the M8 type rocket had been produced by the end of the war.

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  1. neptuneone0-10
    neptuneone0-10 Nov 13, 2013

    and here's the pitch,guess what i'm going to say,that's good but we all know that a sherman tank was no match for ace tiger,as a matter of a fact intel has it that it took four sherman tanks carfully place to trap ace tiger into defete. lol1,i personal would recomend that you scrap the sherman and replace it with my all new paladian mountain and jungle and dessert terrain master piece.

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