Women Sue Pentagon for Combat Jobs

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A rule in place since 1994 bans women from serving in military roles that place them in direct combat.

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  1. spidermanops
    spidermanops Dec 05, 2012

    This could backfire. Men may sue to have women meet the same standards. Then parents of men who have died under female commanders may in turn sue because she didn't meet the same standards and therefore shouldn't have been there in the first place.

  2. DaddyLongLegsUSA
    DaddyLongLegsUSA Dec 11, 2012

    thumbed down cause I think that women should stay in the kitchen! but seriously a warzone is no place for a women

  3. 29215482
    29215482 May 23, 2013

    That's what we call a slippery slope fallacy.

  4. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 13, 2013

    GOOD Comments from the three above me. YEAH. Lets sue the N.O.W. 1 million dollars for each male that was killed in battle, if the his unit was CO-ED, in any way fashion. N.O.W. Stands for Nasty Oders of Witches.

  5. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 13, 2013

    Or better yet, men should sue Bubba(Obama), and the Penguin,(Leon Penetta)personally, when a male needlessly dies, if he is assigned, to a CO-ED unit against his will.

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