Vietnam Evacuation 1975

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Footage of actions taken aboad a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier during the American evacuation of Vietnam in 1975 where millions of dollars of aircraft and material were dumped overboard.

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  1. 25653373
    25653373 Feb 10, 2012

    I was there aboard the USS MARS AFS 1 during the Vietnam evac it was a history event still fresh in my mind Charles Bourgeois ,Springfield VA

    USMCWOODSMAN Dec 31, 2014

    Funny....I was there. I was a Platoon Sergeant with H Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines.MGen Kenneth Houghton was our CG, Col Alfred Gray was the Regimental Cmdr, and LtCol George P.Slade was the Battalion Commander. We were the RLT that DID the evacuation with transport by both Marine and Air Force Helicopters. I read a lot about the evacuation but see little reference or none at all to these outstanding Officers and the Marines and sailors that made this evacuation as well as the Evacuation of Pnomh Penh Cambodia possible. I take nothing away from the embassy Marines but without the RLT it would have been a completely different ending. Col Gray and I were the last two Marines to leave the DAO Annex. We locked the gate with a chain and I joined Lt David B. Roche my platoon commander to await our ride to the USS Midway. We would spend about 10 days there before being heli lifted to the embassy in Manila as the Midway steamed for Guam.

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