Chinook Gunship in Vietnam

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A couple of Vietnam War era Staff film reports about a special armed gunship version of the CH47 Chinook. Designated ACH47A by the US Army and nicknamed "Guns a go go" by its crews, 3 Chinook Gunships were tested in the Vietnam War.

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  1. UH-1Cdriver
    UH-1Cdriver Apr 30, 2016

    Although the caption mentions " 3 Chinook Gunships were tested in the Vietnam War", there were at least 4 that flew missions. Their nicknames were: Easy Money Co$t of Living Birth Control Stump Jumper Easy Money was the only one to survive the war. It is now on static display at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. 49 years ago, on May 5, 1967, I was an eyewitness to an accident that cost the lives of 8 men, and the loss of "Co$t of Living". Ironically, this video mentions a problem (at 2:10) with the 20mm cannon. It was a mount on a 20mm cannon that broke loose and caused the cannon to fire up into the front rotor blades. One of the blades separated, and the aircraft spun into the ground. It was a sad day, and I think about it often.

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