Bob Hope Christmas Special 1968

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Join us in celebrating the holidays with these clips from Bob Hope's 1968 Christmas Special visiting troops in Vietnam.

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  1. 30910553
    30910553 Sep 22, 2013

    love this stuff . Hope is classic

  2. 31743104
    31743104 Dec 10, 2013

    Great Man for a GREAT cause. People are still doing this for our troops, but you don't hear as much about it, that's a SHAME!Lets see more about it."GOD BLESS YOU MEN & WOMEN"

  3. 33869634
    33869634 Sep 03, 2015

    lots of memories

  4. 27617613
    27617613 Nov 11, 2015

    This is the Bob Hope Christmas show from 1967 - not 1968.

  5. 27617613
    27617613 Nov 11, 2015

    To clarify my previous comment: the Bob Hope Christmas tour that included Raquel Welch and Barbara McNair took place in December of 1967 and is referred to as the 1967 show, however, it aired on television in January of 1968.

  6. 34660635
    34660635 Dec 19, 2015

    Bob came to U-tapoa Thailand where I was stationed in 1968. We all looked forward to his show and weren't disappointed with it in any way. We was just a funny and amazing man and did so much during his lifetime for all of our Troops whether it was war or peacetime. There has been no one like him since and not sure anyone can match what he did during his lifetime for those of us that have served our country. I remember at the end of his shows we would all join in to singing "Silent Night" and as I looked around there were very few dry eyes, if any, including mine. All I can say is, Thanks Bob for the memories!

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