Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

Rare New Footage of 9-11 WTC Attack

"Some footage I shot on 9-11-01. This is never before seen footage and has never been released. I chose to upload it because I feel it has historical importance. Like many New Yorkers I know some of the people who have passed and I know many people who have lost a loved one. Some of the footage is considered graphic as is some of the language. Unfortunately, this is a day I will never forget. May God Bless those who we lost on that terrible day."

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  1. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Aug 15, 2012

    Some of the best footage I’ve seen. Awesome, bone chilling. Thanks for posting.

  2. 29679202
    29679202 Aug 15, 2012

    A day that should never be forgotten. Pray for those who died and those who lost friends and family and fellow New Yorkers forever.

  3. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead Aug 15, 2012

    Never forget, never forgive. Always remember those who perished, and curse those who committed this act. Every time you go through airport security remember why and who was responsible for it. Give thanks & praise for those now serving in the military, those who have, and those who will in the future.

  4. 4957913
    4957913 Aug 16, 2012

    Anyone have video of the 3rd building that was also destroyed?

  5. precision2b
    precision2b Aug 23, 2012

    I agree, some of the best footage I have seen. Very good quality.

  6. 17549701
    17549701 Aug 23, 2012

    Considering the MASSAD or US demo team only had about ten days to set the Thermite shaped charges it seems the main goofup is building 7. when they pulled bldg7 which had not been hit, they did it the same way as the Twin towers.

  7. 5631694906
    5631694906 Aug 24, 2012

    May those responsible die a slow agonizing death and may God have mercy on the innocent....

  8. 3959489
    3959489 Aug 25, 2012

    NEVER FORGET.....May God hold those who died in the palm of his hand.

  9. Desert_Fox-1
    Desert_Fox-1 Aug 28, 2012

    I had just gotten home from work and saw the second plane slam into the second tower. I think that those scenes should be shown each and every year on September, 11th so that everyone of us will not forget those that died on the day. GOD BLESS THE US OF A and MAY SHE REIGN FOREVER!

  10. zelda43
    zelda43 Aug 28, 2012

    The clip could have used a lot of editing. Perhaps some music so as not to be listening to the lame comments.

  11. 29425466
    29425466 Aug 29, 2012

    They don't even believe in God they killed Innocent people, for what? you know we are not God to say who's bad or who's good it was terribly horrible when the people around the camera man shouted it was scary and you know the sound of the second plane's hit it was terrible I am sure Bin Laden is now in hell and is being given an ENEMA with molten copper #God bless them all# Mohammad.H, Tehran, Iran

  12. DaddyLongLegsUSA
    DaddyLongLegsUSA Aug 30, 2012

    Thats why we fight, and don't you forget it.

  13. Misanthrope2
    Misanthrope2 Sep 02, 2012

    Did anyone understand the comment made at about 5:10 into the film clip? One guy was saying that President Bush must act now with Marines and whatever. The other guy said, "Yeah, but where". The first guy then replied something with "Israel" in his comments. Did anyone understand the full statement?

  14. 29745536
    29745536 Sep 03, 2012

    Stop the video @ 1:31 and see the rocket???

  15. 29745536
    29745536 Sep 03, 2012

    thats no plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 29745536
    29745536 Sep 03, 2012

    can you say hologram!

  17. The_LA_Baker
    The_LA_Baker May 19, 2014

    [29745536 Sep 03, 2012 Stop the video @ 1:31 and see the rocket??? ] That's a NYPD helicopter. There is footage you can see from on board.

  18. 32802106
    32802106 Sep 10, 2014

    What a reminder of the borrow of that day. I did notice that your video was cleaned up in that it didn't show any of the jumpers. But the video I initially saw that morning with people jumping out of the building is forever with me. It made it real somehow. Maybe it was the shock factor.

  19. 33717909
    33717909 Feb 27, 2015

    This footage is crazy cool, but is it real? No offense or anything, i was just wondering.

  20. 33717909
    33717909 Feb 27, 2015

    Guys can we PLEASE accept that 9/11 was real! I t is so disrespectful to say that the government killed these people. How would you feel about saying that in front of the victims' families, huh? And that is no rocket. That is just a bird for goddamn sake. The plane hit the OTHER side. I will say this ONCE and only once, 9/11 was caused by Al-Qaeda terrorists, who hijacked four planes and crashed them into the WTC Buildings, The Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. 2,996 people lost their lives that day. 2,996 children lost a parent that day. Please respect the facts, people. There is little/no evidence 9/11 was fake.

  21. 33743737
    33743737 Mar 08, 2015

    We had such a horrible terrorist attack in our country and we have a president who is so apologetic to a group of people who did this to us. Is America ever going to wake up?

  22. 34088637
    34088637 Jul 07, 2015

    less than 2 seconds before impact. from when you hear it to when it smacks the building. sounds like a jassam to me. never forgive indeed.

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